Is 12 volt safe? 

Yes, 12 volt is a safe voltage and therefore poses no danger to humans or animals, so it can be connected safely. 

How do I connect Ludeco 12 volt outdoor lighting? 

It is very easy to install. Simply place the lights in position around the garden, run the main cable along side the lights and connect onto the main cable using the connector on the end of the light fitting. Then plug the main cable into the transformer and the transformer into a 240v mains socket. Switch on and admire. A very easy plug and play DIY system. 

How many extension cables can i connect together?

The cable and extension cables can be connected to one transformer up to a maximum of 50mtrs.

Do Ludeco lights contain LED's? 

Yes the entire light range has very energy efficient LED light sources. 

Are spare light sources (LEDS) available? 

No, the light sources (LED's) in Ludeco lights are not replaceable and built in. 

How many lights can i connect to one cable run? 

The maximum number of lights that can be connected to one system depends on the transformer. You can have a maximum loading of 12 watts on the 12 watt transformer, and a maximum of 24 watts on the 24 watt transformer. In the case of a 1 watt light for example, a maximum of 12 lights on the 12 watt transformer and 24 on the 24 watt transformer. You can also mix the type of lights on a circuit and therefore it would be the combined total wattage of all the lights. For example, 10 x 1 watt lights plus 5 x 1.5 watt lights = 17.5 watts, so the 24 watt transformer will be needed. 

How many metres should there be between the lights on the cable? 

This is entirely up to you, you can connect the lights anywhere on the cables and as close as you like. 

What is the LED colour on the Ludeco lights? 

All Ludeco lights have warm white 3000k LED fitted. 

How do the lights fix down? 

All spotlights and post lights come with a spike for installing into soft ground. Wall lights wall mount with fixing screws (included). 

Is the transformer weatherproof? 

Yes, It will happily sit outside (not in areas prone to flooding) or can be wall mounted. It also comes with 2mtr of mains 240v cable and a standard UK 3amp fused plug.

What is the warranty period on the system?

12 months from date of order. 

Can I collect from your Camberley site? 

Yes, please place the order online (select Store Pick Up in the delivery option box)  or over the telephone and we have your order ready for collection. Open Mon - Fri 9am - 4.30pm  

Any questions that we have not covered? Give us a call on 020 8326 0142